Summer Program & Concert Series of

Iberian & Latin American Vocal Repertoire.

Barcelona, June 26th to July 5, 2017

The center piece of the Barcelona Festival of Song® is a Summer Program for classical singers dedicated to the study of the history and interpretation of the Iberian and Latin American vocal Repertoire. Its mission is to promote and preserve the Latin-American and Iberian vocal repertoire in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan.

This is a mission we are committed to in a time where the training of the classical singer, continues being focused mainly in the Centro European music tradition, ignoring a very important part of the world´s music heritage.

Besides receiving several hours of vocal literature, history and diction classes, students receive many hours of master class in which they learn interpretation aspects, like diction and style. The goal is to be prepared for the 2 final public concerts in which all participants have the opportunity to perform. The concerts take place at beautiful venues at the heart of Barcelona.

The course focus not only in interpretation but also in historical and musicological aspects. One of our unique offerings is that each of the participants at the Festival has his/her own personalized development program, designed around his/her unique abilities, level of development and goals. The goal is to reinforce their strengths and to identify and overcome their weaknesses.

Our program is design for voice students and voice teachers, therefore there is not age limit. Every year, among our participants we receive university teachers who are interested in learning vocal literature, history and interpretation of this repertoire. Our goal is to provide them with all the necessary information to be able in the future to guide their students about available resources, repertory, diction, etc.

We hope you start sharing our mission with us and help us promoting this important part of the world´s musical heritage!.

Summer program for Classical singers in Barcelona